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Sponsorship of Auckland Arts Festival will add value to your marketing and PR strategy. If you seek product placement, brand exposure or positive brand association in a cherished and safe environment, sponsorship of Auckland Arts Festival will tick your box.

There are different levels of engagement and we are committed to customising the right package to make your partnership with the Festival successful.

Partnering with Auckland Arts Festival provides your company with the following experiences and benefits.

  • Extraordinary, 'money-can't-buy' corporate hosting experiences for staff and guests, effortless hospitality and hot-ticket packages for hosting.
  • Your product and services in front of Festival audiences. The Festival can connect you to 180,000 festival goers with discretionary spending power. Through alignment with a particular show you can find a fit with your company's particular target markets. Campaigns include messaging through our online channels, Facebook and Twitter platforms.
  • Positive brand association with a major international event on Auckland's calendar. The Festival receives core funding from Auckland Council, central government through Creative New Zealand, and other major organisations. Association with the Festival means networking opportunities with key stakeholders and people of influence.
  • Brand exposure through an event that generates the same media presence, publicity and attention as any major sports event right at the heart of New Zealand's economic powerhouse.
  • Shaping Auckland. Auckland Arts Festival is leading the way. Join us in making Auckland one of the world's most liveable cities, creating jobs and adding to our economic growth.

For more information email Arne Herrmann here or phone us on 09 309 0101.