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Staff Directory

Chief Executive, David Inns
contact David

Artistic Director, Carla van Zon
contact Carla

Executive Assistant, Vanessa Morgan
contact Vanessa

Administration Assistant, Louise Evans
contact Louise

Business & Finance Director, Shona Roberts
contact Shona

Finance Executive, Alex Cole-Baker
contact Alex

Marketing & Development Director, Arne Herrmann
contact Arne

Marketing Manager, Louise Bartle
contact Louise

Online Marketing Executive, Jessica Whiting
contact Jessica

Marketing Intern, Keji Adebeshin
contact Keji

Sponsorship Executive, Tamarisk Sutherland
contact Tamarisk

Sponsorship Assistant, Rebecca Mordaunt
contact Rebecca

Senior Publicist, Meredith McGrath
contact Meredith

Publicity Assistant, Mackenzie Pickert
contact Mackenzie

Publicity Intern, Frances Moore
contact Frances

Te Manu Ka Tau - Host & Administrator, Sally Woodfield
contact Sally

Publications Editor, Mei-Lin Hansen
contact Mei-Lin

In-House DesignerJessica Gommers
contact Jessica

Ticketing Manager, Karen Cartwright
contact Karen

Ticketing Assistant, Tim Jansen
contact Tim

Technical Director, Jo Kilgour
contact Jo

Assistant Technical Manager, Sophie Dowson
contact Sophie

Head of Staging, Andrew Gibson
contact Andrew

Festival Garden Production Manager, Vicki Cooksley
contact Vicki

Senior Programme Manager, Dolina Wehipeihana
contact Dolina

Artist Liaison Manager, Angela Green
contact Angela

Programme Manager, Tama Waipara
contact Tama

Project Manager - Groupe F, Eloise Debiasio
contact Eloise

Programme Manager - Visual Arts, Ariane Craig-Smith
contact Ariane

Programme Manager - Education and Community, Tracey Marama Lloydd
contact Tracey

Programme Assistant - Education and Community, Piata Winitana-Murray
contact Piata

Programme Coordinator, Amelia Cimino
contact Amelia

White Night Manager, Amy Mansfield
contact Amy

White Night Intern, Amy Weng
contact Amy