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March 4

If I had super powers it would be the power to talk Māori
4 - 8 March Q Rangatira Nancy Brunning’s award-winning play, Hīkoi, is an emotional road trip deep into the heart of our country’s history, led by two generations of the utterly relatable Miller whānau.
Her art practice is a living expression of her faith in the legacy and power of ...
Tai Whetuki / House of Death
4 - 22 March TimeOut Festival Garden, Aotea Square A powerful new video work by leading multi-media artist Lisa Reihana which delves into Māori and Pacific cultural practices pertaining to death and mourning.
Chilling and thrilling... so close to the action you can smell the sweat ****
4 - 22 March Paradiso Spiegeltent, Aotea Square Dirty, dangerous and daring LIMBO is a circus/cabaret of mind-numbing contortion, aerial acrobatics, fantastical illusions and flames straight from Dante’s inferno – all set to a live band.
Tim Gruchy's panels... on which the visuals are displayed draw the audience into...
Water and Light
4 March Great Hall APO Composer-in-Residence Kenneth Young's new composition forms this concert, based on words from great writers across the ages, Young's piece is combined with visuals by multimedia artist Tim Gruchy.
selling fast
Cherry's surfing her most powerful wave of creative energy since Raw Like Sushi
Neneh Cherry
4 March Paradiso Spiegeltent, Aotea Square Hip-hop goddess Neneh Cherry performs with jazz/clubland duo RocketNumberNine+. Her trailblazing style has captivated audiences for three decades.
Her work is provocative, beautiful and playful.
Fale Ula
4 - 22 March TimeOut Festival Garden, Aotea Square Using synthetic lei, Niki Hastings-McFall 'polynises' the green space of Aotea Square into a vibrant, living artwork based on the Samoan fale.
Field was one of five major projects in the 2013 Sydney Art and About Festival.
4 - 22 March Daldy Street North An ever-changing outdoor installation formed by a grid of mirrored towers, Field reflects the world around it in visually stunning and provocative ways.
Six contemporary Japanese artists practising in the aftermath of the Tohoku eart...
Invisible Energy
4 - 21 March ST PAUL St Gallery, AUT University A lively and illuminating exhibition featuring the work of six contemporary Japanese artists practising in the aftermath of the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami.
Judy Millar is one of New Zealand’s foremost painters. Her large scale paintings...
Model World
4 - 22 March Te Uru Waitakere Contemporary Gallery Recent works from New Zealand's 2009 Venice Biennale artist Judy Millar twist and contort in the surrounds and provoke new experiences of space.