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20 January 2015

Sydney Arts Festival and a Snap Happy Holiday

Carla in Sydney Blog 2

Sunday morning, sitting in my hotel in Sydney, waiting for David to arrive. I have been here a few days already seeing shows at the Sydney Arts Festival for future festivals. David and I are also here to attend to the Confederation of Australian Festivals' Development site – to see larger scale new work that is being developed for the Festivals. It is always an interesting couple of days and some great work has come out of the site –as well as a couple of duds. I have seen some good shows – circus cabaret, music and theatre. A couple of our staff are also here making the most of seeing some work close at hand. Today, I am really looking forward to seeing Tabac Rouge, the work of James Thierrie, an artist I have known many years, and presented before. My colleague Tama Waipara loved it.

While I have been here I have been lucky enough to catch up with some of the LIMBO folk. Had a good chat to composer Sxip Shirey and fire eater extraordinaire Heather Holliday. They are really looking forward to coming to Auckland. The show has completely gone off here – again! This is their second season at Sydney Festival and they just keep selling out and getting extraordinary reviews.

Not to be missed in Auckland. Probably the best circus cabaret in the world.

home for the summer Blog 2

It is exciting to be back at work, but I am missing those lazy hazy long summer days. I remember before Christmas just hoping the rain would stop and gosh wasn’t it an extraordinary three weeks. No rain at all. My veggie garden is suffering but the tomatoes are still growing at a rapid rate, along with the potatoes, peas, beans, edamame, corn, herbs, radishes, beetroot, courgette and all the rest I have planted. I loved spending time in my garden, biking, swimming and mostly being at home with my husband. And it was lots of fun to have friends visit, to cook big meals and just sit around and yack.

Metro 600px wide

I arrive back in Auckland this week and am hoping that lots of you have entered the Metro Magazine/AAF All the City’s a Stage photo competition. If I was allowed to enter, I would be out snapping. I have done lots of photo snapping here in Sydney. I love taking photos of people, events and everyday occurrences and turning them in to art. And Metro have kindly published some of my back stories about creating a festival. Hope you got to read it. It gives you all a little idea of what goes on in my head. Best head off now. David has landed and we have three shows and two meetings today. Work calls.


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