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It is impossible to encapsulate fully this mesmeric performance
6 - 7 March ASB Theatre Lemi Ponifasio and MAU stun with their extreme physicality and dramatic, singular storytelling. I AM explores the legacy of WWI and the wave of impact the conflict had around the world.
Blissfully, jaw-crackingly funny
6 - 10 March The Civic ‘Die Hard’ meets ‘The Office’. BLAM! is the hilarious, action-packed story of a cheeky troupe of underpaid, overworked office workers whose imaginations run wild.
I am not normal, I am Chinese
The Mooncake and the Kūmara
5 - 10 March Q Loft Award-winning Māori-Chinese playwright Mei-Lin Te Puea Hansen brings us a cross-cultural love affair sprouted amongst rows of potatoes, whilst revealing a page from our history rarely told.
Chilling and thrilling... so close to the action you can smell the sweat ****
4 - 22 March Paradiso Spiegeltent, Aotea Square Dirty, dangerous and daring LIMBO is a circus/cabaret of mind-numbing contortion, aerial acrobatics, fantastical illusions and flames straight from Dante’s inferno – all set to a live band.
a feat of super-human movement... you've never seen anything like this*****
iTMOi (in the mind of igor)
19 - 21 March ASB Theatre A mind-blowing dance and performance work by Akram Khan, inspired by Igor Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring, showcasing exceptional modern dance with a dash of poetic Indian Kathak.