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March 19

original, challenging and controversial... Billy Apple was part of a generation ...
Billy Apple®:
14 - 22 March Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki A comprehensive exhibition of Billy Apple's works including his early pop and conceptual art and his more recent investigations into branding and biomedicine.
Jonathan Jones (AUS) and Martin Langdon (NZ) create work that spans the Tasman e...
Shared Endeavour
14 - 21 March Papakura Art Gallery Jonathan Jones (AUS) and Martin Langdon (NZ) create work that spans the Tasman exploring and translating pattern as a tool for understanding places and people.
a focussed, crafted, journey into a defining relationship of a man's life.
Bravo Figaro!
16 - 22 March Q Rangatira A true father-son story of a self-employed builder, his battle with illness, and opera in his Bournemouth bungalow. Funny and movingly told by UK comedian Mark Thomas.
as cleverly executed as a conjuring trick ? and a reminder why this Scottish com...
17 - 22 March Q Loft Perfect for children aged two to four, this is the story of two magical friends, Cotton and Winkle, who look after birdhouses to make sure the eggs stay safe, with a special surprise!
a feat of super-human movement... you've never seen anything like this*****
iTMOi (in the mind of igor)
19 - 21 March ASB Theatre A mind-blowing dance and performance work by Akram Khan, inspired by Igor Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring, showcasing exceptional modern dance with a dash of poetic Indian Kathak.
Jolting and joyous
19 - 22 March The Civic Featuring cast from the Tony Award-winning Broadway musical, Fela! is a colourful blend of jazz, funk and African rhythm direct from the founding father of Afrobeat, Fela Kuti.
an agelessly hip foursome
Brodsky Quartet: Live at 6
19 March Concert Chamber The multifaceted Brodsky Quartet have collaborated with Björk and Elvis Costello alongside their impeccable classical career. They perform Shostakovich, Schubert, Beethoven and Bartók.