... see this production if it's the only theatre outing you have this year. It's an unforgettable musical and dramatic experience.

- The Argus, South Africa

Set in today's Congo, Macbeth is an inspired adaptation of Verdi's arresting and intense opera from controversial South African director Brett Bailey. 

In this re-creation, a group of Congolese refugees stumble upon a trunk filled with sheet music, costumes and gramophone recordings of Verdi's Macbeth. This theatrical paraphernalia becomes the catalyst for a dramatic re-telling of Shakespeare's tale of ambition, corruption and witchcraft, with the Macbeths as war-lords, the three sisters as double-crossing businessmen and Dunsinane as the Great Lakes region of Central Africa. 

Macbeth features a mix of Verdi's original score combined with imaginative re-arrangements by Belgian composer Fabrizio Cassol. Performed by an on-stage chamber orchestra and 10 rich-voiced African singers, this is theatre for today; moving, fascinating, fast-paced and threaded through with African musical and theatrical influences.|

By director Brett Bailey, one of the most intelligent and soul-bending artists in South Africa (Liminalities), this Macbeth is a must-see for lovers of opera and admirers of the Bard. 

The text is fiercely modern, delivered in a traditional operatic style that is arresting, unnerving and wholly refreshing -  Time Out, UK 

There can be no denying the power and originality of this astonishing appropriation of Verdi's Macbeth.  Nobulumko Mngxekeza is positively knockout as a fearsome, fearless Lady Macbeth one comes away chilled and thrilled - Telegraph, UK

Note: Contains images of violence 

Year Level: 11-13

Subjects: Drama, Music, English  
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