Blow things up. Blow things over. Blow your mind.



Superpowers for superheroes - wall climbing, flying, fire, levitation and invisibility! 

New Zealand's science superhero, Nanogirl (aka Dr Michelle Dickinson) takes you and your family on a super ride in an unpredictable science performance.

Invisibility and invincibility are two superpowers that Dr Michelle Dickinson always dreamed of as a child. She's still trying to gain these powers and has set up a Nanomechanical testing laboratory at the University of Auckland.  Michelle has a background in fracture mechanics and is formally trained in breaking engineering components, however, she's passionate about devoting her life to breaking sterotypes, through her science communication media work on National TV and radio.  Michelle has worked exclusively with billionaires and brilliant minds, offering input for ways to design technologies for a sustainable future.  A competitive kitesurfer, casual rock climber and practicing martial artist, Michelle works hard to inspire females to push the boundaries in both science and sports and to encourage sustainable living through engineering design.

Meet Nanogirl at this special event in the Great Hall, Auckland Town Hall.




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