A solo project by Billy Apple investigating a never before exhibited body of work from the 1960's.

In 1961 John F. Kennedy became the 35th president of the United States, Ken joined the Barbie world, Yuri Gargarin was the first man to travel into space and Johnny Tillotson's "Poetry in Motion" jumped to number one on the UK music charts. Out of this zeitgeist came Suck, 1961, a 3-D text work by Billy Apple. The exhibition marks out a space for an archaeological excavation and investigation of a body of Apple's 1960s works that have never before been exhibited.

Poetry in Motion is a project with two chapters; the solo presentation by Apple will become the foundations to stage an experiment in exhibition making, to launch later in March. This group show will be the product of a collaboration between Apple and the Artspace curatorial team, investigating the term "imaginary audience".

*Please note: Poetry in Motion will contain explicit material which is not suitable for children.



Friday 6 March, 5.00pm: Billy Apple in conversation with Artspace Director, Misal Adnan Yildiz


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