In a nutshell:
Get your tresses transformed / Become part of the art / Truly outrageous make-overs

Osadía seek volunteers to take a seat in the barber´s seat and let the artist create imaginative, daring and original head sculptures. Less brave audience members can get caught up in the drama of the transformation. The performance continues long after the artists have completed their tasks, as the numerous hair creations pass among the attending public, acting as a visual reminder of the performance - 3-D World, Australia

...they are incredibly creative and quick. All hairdressers should try and see them - they are stunningly good The Scotsman

Ethereal hairdressers Osadía are cutting a path from the squares of Barcelona to the streets of Auckland, set to amaze and astound with lots and lots of hair-raising creations coming to a head near you.

Join the queue to get a do at Osadía's outdoor salon in the Festival Garden in Aotea Square or watch in bewilderment as before your eyes these sculptors of hair, all beady and bright, turn plain Janes, average Joes, you and your friends into wondrous and magical pieces of walking art.

Osadía are the best kind of street artists - slick, skilful, fast and a pleasure to watch. It's fun and it's FREE so come along and become a living sculpture.

By arrangement with Arts Projects Australia

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