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March 6

Tafelmusik ranks among the world's top period ensembles
Tafelmusik: House of Dreams
6 March Great Hall One of world’s top baroque ensembles recreates the romance and atmosphere of an 18th-century salon. Enjoy a whimsical and highly visual programme of Bach, Handel and Vivaldi.
This show was filled with screeching, giggling, running and dancing children all...
6 - 8 March Paradiso Spiegeltent, Aotea Square Rock ‘n rollin’ jazz and snappy beats for kids aged one to seven, perfect to get them singing, twisting and dancing! Led by Australian opera and cabaret star Ali McGregor and a live jazz trio.
immaculate music... a sparkling collision of harmonies, horns, banjo, and Martin...
6 - 7 March Paradiso Spiegeltent, Aotea Square Get a taste of the modern American mid-West as six friends from Wisconsin offer a serving of airy vocals, on-stage antics and quirky instruments, with a tonne of alt-indie fun in between!
There are lots of artists who... aren't half as profound or compelling
David Shrigley
6 - 21 March Two Rooms Showing in New Zealand for the first time, David Shrigley's work is known for its quick-witted commentary on everyday situations.