Tafelmusik ranks among the world's top period ensembles

- Toronto Star

In a nutshell:
Baroque music at its best / For lovers of art, architecture and plush interiors / Music set to paintings

A visual and aural treat, House of Dreams is an absorbingly entertaining concert performed by Tafelmusik, one of the world's top baroque orchestras.

In a magical journey where baroque art and music meet, House of Dreams features 17 musicians, all virtuosi on their period instruments, recreating the atmosphere of an 18th-century salon.

As they play the whimsical and beautiful programme of Bach, Handel and Vivaldi, Tafelmusik escort the audience on a tour of Handel House in London as well as historic buildings, mansions and cafes in Venice, Paris, Delft and Leipzig. While listening to the music, you are able to view the grand baroque paintings that once decorated the walls of these impressive European locations via a larger-than-life digital display projected behind the orchestra.

This is a music centered multimedia show that is as much great entertainment as insightful documentary, including stage direction, narration, and stunning projected images taking audiences on a magical journey to the meeting places of baroque art and music. 

Discover the rare energy that is generated when baroque art, music and the liveliness of these maestro musicians converge.

Year Level: 11-13
Subjects: Music, Art, Art History


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