Absolutely brilliant...just as Shakespeare helped shape English, rap has dramatically refashioned it.

- Chicago Sun-Times

In a nutshell:
Turns up the volume of Shakespeare's sounds for a new generation to tune into

Like thousands of fans from Chicago to London to Sydney, students will be putting their hands up in the air for this hip-hopera adaptation of Shakespeare's famous tragedy of betrayal, jealousy and self-doubt. 

Othello: The Remix is a fresh, urban and utterly genius take on Othello served up by America's leading re-interpreters of Shakespeare through hip-hop,Chicago Shakespeare Theater. Chicago sensation the Q Brothers bring their own brand of the Bard to the stage with this  intense, high-energy ad-rap-tation of the  famous tragedy played out against a backdrop of DJs, rappers and the Chicago ghetto.

MC Othello gets out of the ghetto and goes straight to the top. He wins the respect of the music industry, the adulation of fans and the heart of the beautiful singer Desdemona. But he's also attracted the spite of hip-hop purist Iago, who has something more sinister planned for Othello than a rap battle.

The Q Brothers don't just shake up the genre, they blow it up with sick beats and a language style that's both wildly different and oddly similar to Shakespeare's couplets.

Teachers, take this opportunity to turn Shakespeare haters into Shakespeare scholars with  this innovative, intelligent Tony award-winning, street smart hit. 

PLUS the company are doing an interactive post show talk with workshop elements from 12.30pm -1.15pm so book your buses accordingly.

NB: This matinee has limited availability. For availability at evening shows contact us.

Year Level: 7-13
Subjects: General, Drama, English  
Teacher Resource pack available for attending schools. 

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