Funny, wildly dangerous and irresistible

- Financial Times, UK

In a nutshell:
A party bomb of a show / A night out for the boys and boys-at-heart / Mad Men in full-force

A tribute to everything that's out-there, playful and imaginative, this extraordinary show, about a bored troupe of under-paid, over-worked office workers, features ordinary guys performing extraordinary feats: physical theatre, parkour, circus and neck-breaking dare-devil stunts.

BLAM! is a highly-explosive action performance about three under-paid, over-worked and over it salary men wasting their lives away in the world's saddest office under the hawkeyed supervision of their border-sociopathic boss.

As a refuge from this everyday hell, the workers let their vivid imaginations run wild, whenever the boss looks the other way they BLAM! re-imagining themselves as famed villains and superheros from their favourite action movies and comics.

With a soundtrack including AC/DC and Black Sabbath, daring stunts and weaponry comprised of staplers and post-it-notes, this is no ordinary theatre production - perfect for action-lovers so drama, dance and PE students especially the guys, will love this!

Note: Highly stylised slapstick violence, mild strobe lighting

BLAM! Workshop for students: Monday 9th March Time TBC.

Year Level: 7-13
Subjects: General, Drama and Dance, PE.  


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