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In a nutshell:
100 kilos of rice, sugar, almonds, milk, raisins, cardamom and ghee / Ritualistic, sensual rhythms / Divine drumming

A unique theatrical experience, The Kitchen serves up a ritual fusion of sight, sound, smell and taste all the way from South India. Directed by Roysten Abel who is known for his thrilling, grand-scale stage productions, this metaphor for human evolution shows us how we get 'cooked' to be palatable to ourselves and to the people around us.

Perched on a 7-metre high barrel-shaped scaffold, under coppery light, 12 drummers beat out an intoxicating rhythm on 12 sacred mizhavu drums.  Below them, a married couple bored with each other after too many years together, work in their kitchen, stirring huge steamy vats of aromatic Indian pudding, its fragrance wafting up, out and into the theatre.  As they cook, the long-estranged couple gradually re discover the simple joys of their relationship.

The gently pulsating beat, played by the expert musicians, permeates the scene and as the drummers rise to a heart-pounding crescendo this mesmerising mix delights all the senses, especially taste, as the payasam is passed around for sharing afterwards..

Meditative, entrancing and devotional, The Kitchen is a Festival experience suitable for senior secondary students.

Year Level: 11-13
Subjects:  Drama, Music.


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